Adorable and Cheap DIY Garden and yard Projects


We all have those special and beautiful little trinkets around our home, use personalize our space, remind us beautiful memories or simply to showcase our creativity. But do you ever think of having garden trinkets? You know, cute decorative things that just make you beautiful smile on face? After all, the garden is an extension part of the home. So we search the amazing plans and found you some great ideas for DIY garden trinkets and yard decorations with amazing fun. Select your favorite idea of the project in below list and see amazing, wonderful instructions about adorable and cheap DIY garden project idea.



1. Garden Art Balls

This is one of the great project. The flat-bottom marbles or glass gems are inexpensive and easily available in a lot of colors. It’s wonderful an easy way to bling-up your garden. You use lamp globes for the sphere because they are lightweight and can be place on old solar lamp stands like the ones you see here. See details in below link.

DIY Project Details

1 Garden Art Balls


2. Rock Garden Caterpillar

This project is great for remembering your childhood memories. This fun rock craft is a great way to get your kids excited about the garden. The garden is a fun activity for the whole family. It’s also inexpensive and easy. They love painting rocks for garden decorations and enhance the beauty.

DIY Project Details

2 Rock Garden Caterpillar


3. Clay Pot Lighthouse

Can you make this nautical clay pot lighthouse as an amazing decoration for your garden? In just few minutes you easily make this beautiful clay pot lighthouse. Make your version in any color that you like with great love of the beach feeling of this clay pot craft. See details about the project in below link.

DIY Project Details

3 Clay Pot Lighthouse


4. DIY Golf Ball Ladybugs

Can you like beautiful garden but in simple way? Now bright up your garden will these Golf Ball ladybugs. This will add a real touch of fun and enhance personality to your backyard. This is a very easy craft and they would look super cute scatter around the rocks in your garden.

DIY Project Details

4 DIY Golf Ball Ladybugs


5. DIY Fence Post Garden Bench

You create this great plan for a quaint, pretty space in your garden. It will provide you a focal point and take up some of the huge space we have in our front garden and the flowers grow in around it. It should provide a really cute backdrop for the color. See amazing details in below link.

DIY Project Details

5 DIY Fence Post Garden Bench


6. DIY Stone Birdhouse

Love this project? You easily make this amazing project in home and decorate your house garden with these few ingredients. You are on your way to creating a beautiful, unique stone birdhouse. It’s like putting a puzzle together. You take several tries with different stones to get the perfect fit.

DIY Project Details

6 Stone Birdhouse


7. The Weathered Door

This is such a brilliant and amazing way to recycle old hub caps. These cool DIY hubcap garden art flowers are the wonderful genius creation of Reeves at The Weathered Door. It’s a great way to clean up the road. You easily make amazing project in home. Click on DIY Project Details and see instructions related project.

DIY Project Details

7 The Weathered Door


8. Tea Pot Bird Bath Garden Art

This whimsical piece of garden art is surprisingly easy to make and look also incredible and wonderful. It’s easy and inexpensive project, specially too much interesting. This design of tea pot bird bath garden art idea would be perfect for the “Alice in Wonderland” inspired garden. See amazing detail related great project in below link.

DIY Project Details

8 Tea Pot Bird Bath Garden Art


9. Painted Rock Garden Markers

This painted rock garden markers are easy to make and look so beautiful in the garden. In fact you use anyway of painting rocks for the garden is very relaxing and great project. You use your favorite rock garden markers to identify herbs, vegetables and flowers. See details about project in below link.

DIY Project Details

9 Painted Rock Garden Markers


10. The Framed Pots

This is a cutest display for your hanging plants. Love this and so creative project. Absolutely stunning and hanging from the trees just knock this cool idea out of the ballpark. This garden art is perfect for wonderful looking. This is stunning idea of framing pots. See below link related project details.

DIY Project Details

10 The Framed Pots


11. DIY Rock Stone Art

This beautiful color that we really love and it’s true for you. We are going to be working with rocks and pebbles and creating of wonderful things for decorating your life. You can easily create a stunning stone sculpture to decorate your outdoor garden area. Click on below link and See amazing details.

DIY Project Details

11 DIY Rock Stone Art


12. Homemade Nature Suncatcher Wind Chimes

These are stunning suncatcher wind chimes the kids made that is really inspire by our fun tin can wind chimes, mix with our nature suncatchers. It’s so much interesting and easy to make project. If you are looking for a fun nature craft for your kids and give this one a really try.

DIY Project Details

12 Homemade Nature Suncatcher Wind Chimes


13. Teacup Garden Stake

Do you have any idea what the original purpose of this teacup would be? This Wire Teacup Garden Stake is so easy to make and a perfect addition to your home garden. You add some colorful bead accents to the teacup just for fun. Click on the below link and see amazing information about teacup garden stake project.

DIY Project Details

13 Teacup Garden Stake


14. Beautiful DIY Planters

How adorable are these? Perfect for April showers and May flowers. They look so beautiful and definitely worth it to give it a really try. These planting ideas are super cute and One thing we love to do with my planter herbs or flowers plants. See details of the project in below link.

DIY Project Details

14 Beautiful DIY Planters


15. Spring Time Tic-Tac-Toe

This is our take on the Outdoor Springtime Tic Tac Toe Board Bugs. The Bugs are hand paint Rocks. It is Adorable with a great Fun project to make. I hope you really make this cute table for your kids and enjoy great fun. Click on the below DIY Project Details link and see detail about project.

DIY Project Details

15 Spring Time Tic-Tac-Toe


16. DIY Garden Mushrooms

Can you Looking for a cute addition to your garden? Now go for DIY garden mushrooms, it’s time to dress up your yard or front porch with these quick and easy DIY Garden Mushrooms. This project is so simple and interesting. It’s great for kids too with wonderful fun. See details in below link:

DIY Project Details

16 DIY Garden Mushrooms


17. DIY Flying Bugs

These cute little bugs will look great indoors and outdoors decoration. Can you imagine them scatter around in the garden? If you are a fan of rock crafts you should give these rock monsters a go and they will make super silly rock pets and enjoy fun. Click below link and see details about project.

DIY Project Details

17 Flying Bugs


18. Garden Art Mushrooms

This Garden art mushrooms project is a fun accent for your garden and enhance the beauty. You Create items like toadstools, fairy homes and natural gardens can be a great way to encourage kids to spend more time in the garden as they play in new imaginative worlds outdoors. See details in below link.

DIY Project Details

18 Garden Art Mushrooms


19. French Style Bench From Old Chairs

This project is best with recycle broken furniture by making a classic European style bench from old chairs that’s perfect for your home decoration. This is such a great idea and it seems relatively easy. Only put 2 chairs together to make something so beautiful. See amazing details about project in below link.

DIY Project Details

19 French Style Bench From Old Chairs


20. DIY Pallet Swing Bed

There are a many number of ways you can make this swing bed. You can be as simple as just using a pallet and rope. This DIY is for the specific way we made ours and which is to fit a twin size mattress.  It still is a very simple and quick project, even with a few extra steps. See more details in below link.

DIY Project Details

20 DIY Pallet Swing Bed


21. DIY Sandbox With Cover

One of the best things about you makes a DIY project for your family. This knows that they will enjoy using it regularly. One of the best things about your child’s Sandbox is that you can easily customize it to your backyard, porch and also to your child’s own preferences. See details in below link.

DIY Project Details

21 DIY Sandbox With Cover


22. A Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

You make the garden more bird-friendly keeping a well-built bird feeder. It is always great use for craft. Wine bottles look inviting as ideal feeders for its sleek look. While your feather pals nibble away at the seeds-filled bottles and you can chill out and enjoy the wonderful scene.

DIY Project Details

22 A Wine Bottle Bird Feeder


23. DIY Rainbow Paver Hopscotch

This  is perfect side yard next to our garden beds tends to get sort of mushy and soft. So it is the perfect place to put a hopscotch walkway. You let him choose the colors and Naturally pick a rainbow pattern since that is his favorite. This project is so simple and wonderful.

DIY Project Details

23 DIY Rainbow Paver Hopscotch


24. A Pallet Wood Walkway In The Garden

It looks lovely and you can make a huge difference to the way you use your yard. What a great idea. It really opens your yard and is a warm inviting feeling. Do you sand the boards at all to smooth them?  The boards are smooth prior and it’s great with a little love garden path. See details in below link:

DIY Project Details

24 A Pallet Wood Walkway In The Garden


25. DIY Tire Flower Planter Projects

The summer season is quickly approaching and the best time to decorate the backyard of the home. One of the most versatile items you can use in your yard is tires. These wonderful rings of rubber can be paint and decorate to create fun planters or unique pieces for the garden.

DIY Project Details

25 DIY Tire Flower Planter Projects


26. Tea Pot Fountain Instructions

There is something that is so serene and peaceful about water. It’s not a surprise that a beautiful fountain cost thousands. But some fountain does not cost thousand. If you have skill you can easily build fountain with teapot, any pan and any size of barrel according to your garden  size. You can also add greenery and colorful flower to your fountain for giving it soothing look. Click link to see more details.

DIY Project Details

26 Tea Pot Fountain Instructions


27. Easy DIY Outdoor Chandelier

I was searching things to decorate my porch for making it beautiful and of course  shiny with bright light which I had store in my storage. I had no idea what i am going to do to decorate my porch but then i stumble on this site where you can make these chandelier with grapevines and small shiny lights. See the Link below:

DIY Project Details

27 Easy DIY Outdoor Chandelier


28. DIY Stacked Herb Garden

If you have small garden space but you love to grow your own herbs you can check these DIY because you can easily make stacked herb pots with mismatch pots in your outdoor porch or in balconies. It is easy for chief and mothers who like to cook love these fresh herb for serving from these stacked. See the link for further details.

DIY Project Detail

28 DIY Stacked Herb Garden


29. DIY Pallet Potting Bench

Are you looking for the interesting place to arrange pretty pots? Because we are going to make thing easier and affordable for you. These Pallets pot bench are made of recycle wood and some screw you can easily found in your area. For further instruction you can click the link below.

DIY Project Details

29 DIY Pallet Potting Bench


30. Re purposed Shutter Fence

Love your outdoor space and your privacy? A shutter fence can be much more than the low wall but it could be shame if you cover your neighborhood with shutter fence but you gotta love you privacy from noisy and curious neighbors . This fence create invisibility between you and your curious neighbor. See the link below:

DIY Project Details

30 Repurposed Shutter Fence


31. DIY Raised Planter Box

The best part about garden beds, though? That you can build or design it in any shape you like. Also if you have any back problem and you are of old age you love to plant greenery or flowers these raised planter bed are good choice for you. You can grow plants while standing. See the link for instruction.

DIY Project Details

31 DIY Raised Planter Box


32. DIY Bird Bath

Do you like birds? Silly question of course you like birds if you don’t then you wouldn’t search this site. Anyways, you are doing great services for birds by building the spa bath. In this hot and sweaty summer birds like fresh and water for cooling down their heat. For making these bath see link below.

DIY Project Details

32 DIY Bird Bath


33. Build a Fire Pit in an Afternoon

You can build fire pit in your backyard for family gathering and of course your friend. For building fire pit you only need brick, some space in your backyard and cement and of course your magical skill which you hidden for these types of thing. You can also make marshmallow for your kids easily. See detail below.

DIY Project Details

33 Build a Fire Pit in an Afternoon


34. Create A Small Vegetable Garden

Who don’t like fresh and healthy vegetable for their appetite? You can make your own small vegetable farm in your backyard garden. You can grow tomato, potato and any vegetable you like. Be productive and make your own vegetable garden. For making these type of vegetable see the link below.

DIY Project Details

34 Create A Small Vegetable Garden


35. DIY Garden Planter & Birds Bath

There are many way to make use of clay pot one way is to make bird bath and garden planter. While, there are many way to create these pots and bird bath but you can make them with recycled material. These bold color and zigzag design are perfect for your plants or any flower you are adding. For further instruction see the link below:

DIY Project Details

35 DIY Garden Planter & Birds Bath


36. DIY Glow In The Dark Planters

Who don’t like Glow in dark paints? I have seen glow in dark shirts, glasses or shoes first time i am seeing these beautiful pots that are glowing. To add more light in your garden you should use these glow in dark planters how to make these you see the link below:

DIY Project Details

36 DIY Glow In The Dark Planters


37. Easy DIY Garden Markers Spoons

Have you ever though that it is easy to find label things than the unlabeled thing? like in hurry you have to make tea you don’t have any idea you have pick salt instead of sugar because there pots where not label. Oops! Like this you can also pick wrong herb or the other person can pick wrong herb because he didn’t  have any idea which one is mint and which one is parsley with these DIY you can label on spoon .See the link below:

DIY Project Details

37 Easy DIY Garden Markers Spoons


38. Cobble Stone Path

Cobblestone walkways add beauty and glamour to any path. If your Home is beautiful but your entrance is not eye catching you should use cobble stone to make it eye catching.  You can also use these stone cobble path in your garden for giving it a catchy look…For making these path you can click on below link.

DIY Project Details

38 Cobble Stone Path


39. DIY Garden Stone

These stepping garden stone are exciting and fun for everyone especially for kids.  You can put these garden stone in your garden or on your front entrance. These stone can make your path interesting. If you have these stepping stone in your garden then no one will step on your flower decoration. See the link below.

DIY Project Details

39 DIY Garden Stone


40. DIY Plant Dresser

If you have dresser laying around in storage what would you do? You wouldn’t make plant dresser would you? Oh silly me of course you would make that. That’s why you are here so can make plant dresser, right? You can also take this dresser inside of your home for decorating with different flower you know. See the link below for instruction.

DIY Project Details

40 DIY Plant Dresser


41. Faux Succulent Monogram

Who wouldn’t love faux succulent monogram? You can make your initials with this monogram. I love this DIY project because you make this project with these artificial succulent. I have always loved these succulent. You can place these monogram in your living room, your own room or in your patio. See the link for making those faux succulent monograms.

DIY Project Details

41 Faux Succulent Monogram


42. DIY Wooden Dragon Flies

When i was Kid i don’t know what to call these Flies so I start calling them helicopter because they look like helicopter with their tail thingy.. Anyway back to the topic, you know that you can make these dragon flies with some recycled wood and some fan wings for decorating your backyard fence. For further instruction click the link below.

DIY Project Details

42 DIY Wooden dragonFlies


43. Cedar Vertical Tiered Ladder Garden Planter

Make your own decorating flower ladder in an inexpensive way. You can put the ladder in front of your entrance to enhance the entrance beauty or in your patio to make your garden glamour. You can make this ladder by remodel wood and you can add different multi-color flower in these ladder step. Link is below.

DIY Project Details

43 Cedar Vertical Tiered Ladder Garden Planter


44. DIY Vertical Garden Tutorial

Our biggest fear while planting herbs or flower is that our thumb is green or not? Right! Even i think that sometime that my thumb is half green because sometime some herb grow or some not. Disappointed! Right, If you have enough space in your garden and you can easily purchase these steel bucket for growing these herbs you can feel your enough space in your garden .See the link detail below.

DIY Project Details

44 DIY Vertical Garden Tutorial


45. DIY Pieced Wood Hanging Flower Basket

If you love hanging plants but you don’t want to spend the money on a store brought plant hanger. In this DIY you can make this flower hanging basket with small cute wooden piece for you backyard or entrance.  For make these wooden basket you can click on the link below.

DIY Project Details

45 DIY Pieced Wood Hanging Flower Basket


46. Bead Buster Garden Ornament

Everyone have those passive and beautiful beads (even those ugly one) right. You can utilize these bead by making bead buster garden stake for your garden. You can make these stands by old wire hanger and hang those ornaments in it. See the link below.

DIY Project Details

46 Bead Buster Garden Ornament


47. DIY Decorative Metal Spheres

Have this happen with you that the thing you love you can’t purchase them because they are expensive same happen with me. I love these metal spheres balls for decoration but cannot afford. Then i come across this site where you can make this thing with metal and nuts. For Further step click the link below

DIY Project Details

47 DIY Decorative Metal Spheres


48. DIY Waterdrop Solar Lights

You want to make your garden different from other you can use this DIY in your garden. These water drop solar light can light up your garden and can stand out from others garden. For making these Stunning water drop light you have to click on the link below.

DIY Project Details

48 DIY Waterdrop Solar Lights


49. Dragonfly DIY Yard Art

For making dragon fly yard art you need cooper wire and some beads. You can put these dragon fly in your garden for making it look spunky or artistic. It attract crowd attention .For further instruction see the detail. See the link below for making this yard.

DIY Project Details

49 Dragonfly DIY Yard Art


50. DIY Solar Powered BirdBath Fountain

It is well known as that Birds are attracted to water, especially running water. So why not take advantage of nature and make solar powered birdbath in our garden. For making these fountain you need concrete and pump to convert it in solar powered. For further step you need to click on the given link below.

DIY Project Details

50 DIY Solar Powered BirdBath Fountain