20 Easy and Simple DIY Jewelry Ideas


Do you like to wear homemade wonderful jewelry? In below list there are so many different techniques at your fingertips. Now it’s time to discover or create some of our favorite beading designs with the help of easy and simple tutorials for bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings! Find our favorite unique jewelry making projects and ideas in the shorten list to our top 20. These fun DIY jewelry ideas are the perfect easy craft for teens to make and they make great DIY gifts and they also are the perfect crafts to sell to make a little cash on the side! I love these crafty projects because we don’t need a lot of fancy supplies to make most of the DIY jewelry making projects. Click your favorite idea and check out the easy to follow step by step instructions below.


20 Easy and Simple DIY Jewelry Ideas


1. Painted Leather Bracelet DIY

Do you like painted leather bracelet? I’m so excited to share this DIY idea with you today. You really love the look of geometric bracelets this season and this one is for you. This project is fun to create and a great gift idea! 1-2. Cut strips of leather that is 1-2 inches longer. You easily create your favorite painted leather bracelet with the help of simple steps.

DIY Tutorial

1. Painted Leather Bracelet D.I.Y


2. DIY Nautical Rope Bracelet

You ready to celebrate those awesome hot days with beautiful DIY ideas for you about how to make nautical rope bracelets and of course all those shapes can also be used for making necklaces or belts out of ropes and specially I will only focus on bracelets and how to create those shapes. Click on below link and see easy DIY tutorial.

DIY Tutorial

2. DIY Nautical Rope Bracelet


3. Make a Clay Geometric Necklace in a Snap

Do you like making simple pieces for the fun?  Its super easy to make and I really think it turned out pretty good and you really like to make different shapes of things. This wonderful project can be customized enough that you can make it your own and also make it as a gift for somebody. It’s so nice and beautiful gift.

DIY Tutorial

20. Make A Clay Geometric Necklace In A


4. DIY Woven Chain Bracelet

Do you like chain link bracelets? It’s wonderful with colorful threads woven through them and we have been popping up here and there. We adore Aurèlie Bidermann‘s Do Brazil bracelets and specially thought it is about time we graduate to the ultimate “grown-up” friendship bracelet. See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

3. DIY Woven Chain Bracelet


5. Handmade Necklaces to Make and Give

Do you like handmade necklaces? You come across can be turned into jewelry all the delightful notions. When selecting your specimens, look for a range of sizes and styles, but make sure everything is lightweight. You take only a few steps and some ordinary materials such as fabric, ribbons, paint, string, and glue to create a bunch of charming trinkets with simply pile it all on in a crazy cluster of color and texture.

DIY Tutorial

4. Handmade Necklaces to Make and Giv


6. DIY Wrapped and Knotted Cord Bracelet.

These styles of jewelry are super easy, super functional and super stripy. You are KNOT going to be scared to make this. You easily make this bracelet with following the simple steps and trim the ends of the cord and melt the raw ends with a lighter to make sure it doesn’t unravel. Guy’s you’re going to look real nice wearing that knotted bracelet.

DIY Tutorial

5. DIY Wrapped And Knotted Cord Bracelet.


7. Braided Rope Necklace

This rope necklace is one of my new favorite; we’re trying to come up with jewelry that’s fun and bold but also really wearable. You easily make this beautiful necklace with few steps. For the braids I used parachute cord, which comes in tons of bright colors and very thin white rope because I loved the result of both. See complete tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

19. Braided Rope Necklace


8. DIY – Leather Arrow Bracelet

It’s a beautiful leather jewelry making idea. This arrow leather bracelet is quickly become one of your favorite pieces. For this project I used an old leather belt and a chain necklace I had laying around for making bracelet. You need for this leather arrow bracelet old leather belt chain necklace, scissors and follow these steps to create this cute leather arrow bracelet.

DIY Tutorial

6. DIY – Leather Arrow Bracelet


9. DIY Shrinky Dink Necklace

Sometimes we like a simple, inexpensive jewelry to be able to sit down with to take a break from a busy day and this project fits the bill nicely and it breaks down to less than $5 per necklace and once you have your materials assembled you can have a brand new necklace in 15 minutes or less. It’s a quick craft session.

DIY Tutorial

7. DIY Shrinky Dink Necklace


10. Stamped Initial Bracelet DIY

This is the best time to make a bracelet that’s truly unique for you. This project for the Stamped Initial Bracelet takes a minimalist approach and uses gold coin discs to create an accessory that is truly one-of-a-kind. This easy bracelet project is one you will want to wear with just about any outfit. Everyone will love receiving such a unique handcrafted item.

DIY Tutorial

18. Stamped Initial Bracelet DIY


11. DIY Leather Triangle Earrings

This project is quick and chic; these earrings are a great staple wardrobe accessory. They’re easy to make without giving up quality. This project is perfect for a bit of scrap leather from another project or from the grab bag you and couldn’t resist at the craft store! Need of few things like leather. See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

8. DIY Leather Triangle Earrings


12. Safety Pin Bracelet

Do you want to wear safety pin bracelet? It’s a cool and wonderful bracelet. These cool bracelets made from safety pins and beads. You those two pins on my bracelet had come open; all the beads had fallen off, and made sure you get cord that will fit properly through the safety pin head and bottom. I used elastic beading cord. See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

9. Safety Pin Bracelet


13. Spoon Ring Tutorial

This is beautiful one of the most emotional DIY projects and it’s one of the great jewelry pieces. You making a simple band are really quite straight forward with the right tools. It is like anything else though, takes a little practice to get the hang of. See complete tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

10. Spoon Ring Tutorial


14. Glittery Gold Thunderbolt Earrings

Glittery gold thunderbolt earring is perfect to team up with outfits for during the day, night or festivals. Each earring has been individually handmade from scratch and hangs or hooks from a silver or gold sterling hook in each. These earrings most of us grown-up girls fondly remember the Easy Bake Oven.

DIY Tutorial

17. Glittery Gold Thunderbolt Earrings


15. Hair Pin DIY

Ladies, can we all admit how much we depend on hair pins? They are the ones we have to thank for keeping our hair in place, making us look gorgeous, neat and orderly. It’s very easy to make with following easy and simple steps. It’s a relatively simple project that is easily achieved. See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

11. Hair Pin DIY


16. DIY – Washer Necklace

Do you love fun necklaces especially handmade necklaces? It’s looking gorgeous and very easy to make. It is a little tricky, but I have done it with success with the help of simple steps. Just trace the washer on the back of your paper, make a tiny hole in the middle, and carefully cut out the circle. See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

12. DIY – Washer Necklace


17. DIY Polymer Clay Bead Necklace

This DIY polymer clay bead necklace is so pretty and nice. I’ve got a super simple and full of fun tutorial on how to make your own clay bead necklaces, with some tips I learned along the way and creating these necklaces only takes a few minutes and costs less than $10! See easy and simple tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

13. DIY Polymer Clay Bead Necklace


18. Create Triangle Necklace

Geometric shapes are all the rage right now, especially when it comes to jewelry. So today I want to share a fun tutorial for a wooden triangle necklace. This piece makes a big statement, with its gold chain and bright geometric triangle necklace shapes painted onto the wooden surface. Let’s get started! See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

14. Create Triangle Necklace


19. DIY Braided Bead Necklace

Do you love to wear braided bead necklace? Braided bead necklace strands might look complicated but they’re not! You can easily create this fabulous DIY bead necklace in an hour or less and you’ll love the results. It’s gorgeous and easy to make with following simple steps. See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

15. DIY Braided Bead Necklace


20. Simple Beaded Necklace

Do you like to create your own jewelry? Why not, you creating your own jewelry can be fun for so many reasons. It’s not only do you get to tap into your creative side; you also have the chance to make something completely unique that reflects your personal style. It’s very easy to make a beaded necklace.

DIY Tutorial

16. Simple Beaded Necklace