18 Beautiful DIY Sofa and Couch Ideas


The couch is one of the largest and expensive pieces of furniture in any living room or lounge spaces, and family and friends alike make a beeline to its ample seating, often even the focal point of the most living room. Whether you’re an amateur looking to save money on a pricey couch, or an experienced carpenter looking to supplement your living room furniture, there are 18 interesting DIY options you can choose.



1. Beach Gray Outdoor Sofa

Here is a great idea to add color to your outdoor space with this sophisticated Beach Gray Outdoor Sofa, made from solid wood. Plain dark gray shaded pillows are giving out a classy texture to this couch; as the flower printed white fabric cushions are expressing a modern one. It’ll bring life to your landscape.

Project Details


Beach Gray Outdoor Sofa


2. Beach Themed Living Room Sofa

This DIY Beach Themed Storage multi-beach-colored stripe sofa is an inexpensive idea to create a perfect beach vibe. You can choose the cushions either matched, or you can make it more fun by choosing vibrant beach color. Its storage quality is fantastically cute and makes it more desirable.

Project Details


Beach Themed Living Room Sofa


3. Convertible Bed Indoor Couch Design

Storage Sofa or Convertible Bed Indoor Couch design has twice qualities in itself. The dark shaded cushions are giving out a classy clutter texture and a shimmery golden print is expressing the classic look. The duck cloth fabric has used to make it, is easy to clean and water resistant.

Project Details


Convertible Bed Indoor Couch Design


4. Copper Pipe Sofa

This Brass framed orange cushioned  sofa “The Hopeless Diamond Sofa” inspired by a folding paper cup and made from copper plumbing pipe by Chris Stuart Studio has a quite unique nature. It’s very fascinating and would be awesome spray painted and hung as a swing instead. Easy and not time consuming but mind!

Project Details


Copper Pipe Sofa


5. DIY Box Sofa

This wood framed sofa is simple and durable with a timeless style. You can choose pillows of any color either, or a single mattress. This is not that hard to build at home and terribly time consuming.

Project Details


DIY Box Sofa


6. DIY Brown Sofa Set Project

This DIY Brown Leather Sofa is a timeless,  homey, and even a luxurious twist that adds a beautiful warmth to your landscape. This combination of colors can easily match to your rest of the decor quite simply.

Project Details


DIY Brown Sofa Set Project


7. DIY Clawfoot Bathtub Couch

The contributor of Indestructible was inspired by ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and constructed a Clawfoot Bathtub Couch. Clawfoot tub used to be a centerpiece to a bathroom but with its luxurious aura now it gains a practical function in a reading room.

Project Details


DIY Clawfoot Bathtub Couch


8. DIY Couch Reupholster

This DIY Reupholster couch is a low-cost, green way of sprucing up a room and giving new life to your old furniture. This canvas drop cloth sofa is not always the most inexpensive choice. The truth is that reupholstering furniture can often cost as much as replacing it.

Project Details


DIY Couch Reupholster


9. DIY Pallet Fabric Sofa

This DIY Pallet Fabric sofa is a stylish idea to transform your old wood pallets into beautiful projects that will fill your home and yard with style and a modern vibe. And you can create a pallet sofa to suit your very own aesthetic and functional needs.

Project Details


DIY Pallet Fabric Sofa


10. DIY Patio Sofa

This DIY Synthetic Resin Patio Sofa is stylish, low-maintenance, lightweight, and highly durable furniture, that can easily fit to your budget. The color and fabric used to make cushions is classically outdated. It can give out a beautiful transformation of furniture indestructible by your kids 🙂

Project Details


DIY Patio Sofa


11. DIY White Sofa Project

Cheap couches might be hard to find on the market, but why don’t you take matters into your own hands and build yourself an amazing DIY sofa? It looks amazing and would be hard to believe that it doesn’t come from a furniture shop. This beautiful DIY White sofa project is simple and easy.

Project Details




12. Fainting Couch Toddler Sofa Idea

This Fainting Couch Toddler Bed has been such a fun DIY project. It’s an easy and creative transformation of your toddler’s bed. You can get the project details here below!

Project Details


Fainting Couch Toddler Sofa Idea


13. Genevieve Platform Sofa

This platform sofa was created by Genevieve Dillinger as a chic, inexpensive alternative to the sofas on the market. Using a platform bed base and some foam, Genevieve whipped up this comfortable couch in almost no time at all. This is a great solution for filling up open space and adding seating.

Project Details


Genevieve Plateform Sofa


14. Industrial Sofa DIY

This DIY industrial couch is simple and outdated. This project for the home is small and not so significant in cost. The use of fabric for the building of cushions is very fine in gray. You can tackle this project in no time.

Project Details


Industrial Sofa DIY


15. Orange Lounge Luxury Sofa Project

This DIY Orange Lounge Sofa is made up of pine wood and ebony gloss paint. The smooth and sleek silk single mattress is giving up it a luxurious texture. The cushion printed with pine tree reflecting the whole idea of the project. You can get the details here below!

Project Details


Orange Lounge Luxury Sofa Project


16. Pallet Couch Project

The rolling out door pink patio couch design is an unconventional outdoor furniture. This pallet couch with galvanized pipe frame is going to catch your eye. The fabric used in this project is waterproofed for placing this couch as an outdoor furniture. You can get the details here below!

Project Details


Pallet Couch Project


17. Sofa with Black Cushion

The Black DIY Pallet Sectional sofa project is very cheap made up of old pallets. It will cost you next nothing. It can give your outdoor empty and bored corner an outstanding transformation. The black cushions are giving it a tragic mode:) You can get the details here below!

Project Details


Sofa With Black Cushion


18. Sofa with Chaise Lounge

The Casual Chaise Lounge DIY Sofa is fantastic and beautiful. To build this beauty, you need a simple wooden frame, two cheap mattresses, eight legs from an IKEA bed, a staple gun, furniture fabrics, and lots of pillows for the back. This is not a complicated project. You can get the details here below!

Project Details

Sofa With Chaise Lounge