40 DIY Mirror Project Which Enhance the Beauty of Your House


Do you need new way of mirrors for enhance the beauty of your home? This project is perfect for enhancing the beauty of your home. So many types and styles of mirrors available in the market. They come in various shapes, sizes and price ranges. Discover your preferred ways to style with these reflective accessories and play important part for enhance the beauty of your house. After a long gone are the days when mirrors were just looking glasses, set as dressing tables inside homes. Now, they define the decor of a house and have turn into an interior design tool use to beatify every nook and corner of a house.

35+ DIY Mirror Craft Project That Is Easy And Amazing


1. Birds of a Feather Locker Mirror

This bird of a feather locker mirror also makes a creative handmade gift. This bird craft project is looks great in your bedroom, hallway, or other spots in your home. You can also try this working with mirrors in different shapes and sizes and enhance the beauty. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

1 Birds of a Feather Locker Mirror Craft


2. A Mirror Re-do For a Fashionable Diva

This would be a fun personalize gift for a tween or teen in your life and it have you already start your holiday crafting? A fashionable craft diva never wants to leave the house with toothpaste on her face or her hair askew, so I head by the dollar store and pick up this mirror. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

2 A Mirror Re-do For a Fashionable Diva


3. Buttons Mirror Frame

This decorating idea is a great and excuses raiding your button stash and make a wonderful gift. You use specific colors for a color scheme or a variety of bright colors. You create a whimsical mirror frame decorate with buttons in various colors and sizes. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

3 Buttons Mirror Frame


4. Colorful DIY Mirror

Do you make a mirror that is colorful, quirky, or has even an ounce of personality, without having to spend a fortune? It’s easy, looks super professional and provides a transparent color, so the entire mirror is still fully functional. See amazing idea in below link.

DIY Project Details

4 Colorful DIY Mirror


5. Homemade Disco Ball

The disco balls are every really go out of style? These sparkly icons aren’t just a must for a dance party. They’re full of fun, unexpected conversation piece to have around your home as decor. Make your own disco ball according to your choice. See simple pattern about amazing project.

DIY Project Details

5 Homemade Disco Ball


6. Every Color in the Rainbow

Those students research the science of rainbows and each of the colors in white light bends at a slightly different angle because it is a different wave length. Those colors split into the same spectrum every time. The red color is the longest wave length and violet the shortest. All other rainbow colors fall in between for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

DIY Project Details

6 Every Color in the Rainbow


7. DIY Heart Mirror

This is an amazing mirror work. This may seem silly and now give it a try. So, every day, look at yourself in the mirror – look into your own eyes and say “I love you”. With heart mirror decorate you wall and enhance the beauty of your home. It’s amazing and wonderful craft. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

7 DIY Heart Mirror


8. Make Hand Mirrors

These most have a pretty good idea on where to hang a mirror in our home and they’re often times far more versatile than we initially think. They can be one of the best tools in the small space owner’s back pocket and our personal opinion and also looks great. See patter in below link.

DIY Project Details

8 Make Hand Mirrors


9. Starburst Mirror

You are might have a few of these things around the house. You can have got and it’s cheaper. I’m buy a metallic craft paint and apply it with sponge brushes. This is okay and I think metallic spray paint would have been a lot faster, so that is up to you. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

9 Starburst Mirror


10. PVC Pipe Mirror

Who says PVC pipe really good-looking? You can make a craft for keeping PVC pipe on hand as an essential DIY material. You use crosscut PVC pipe and a whole lot of glue, she made this fresh take on the classic starburst mirror. After the use of PVC pipe looking amazing. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

10 PVC Pipe Mirror


11. Chrysanthemum Mirror

This chrysanthemum is one of my favorite flowers. I decide to try to replicate this look on a decorative mirror using plastic spoons. It looks wonderful. You really try this great craft for enhancing beauty of your home.  Click on the below link and see beautiful craft pattern.

DIY Project Details

11 Chrysanthemum Mirror


12. Wood Rounds Mirror

This is such a large round wood mirror would be something for you and there is hardly any better place to pick from. As far these designs and different features of these mirrors are concerned with these offers differ from each other. However, we can assure you that all of them fulfill their functions well.

DIY Project Details

12 Wood Rounds Mirror


13. DIY Sunburst Mirror

This creating a DIY starburst mirror is an easy way to transform a cheap small round mirror into something more dramatic. You using wooden dowels, spray paint, hot glue and a round mirror you can create the look of a high-end mirror that works well with most decorating styles and is an excellent way to fill an empty wall.

DIY Project Details

13 DIY Sunburst Mirror


14. The Yellow Pencil Mirror

Do you need something different with wonderful looking? This mirror is wonderful and looking great. This Yellow Pencil Mirror is 40.25″ in diameter and make with hand cut yellow vitreous glass tiles, yellow and white glass seed beads, crystal chain rhinestone and 238 yellow pencils. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

14 The Yellow Pencil Mirror


15. Mirror with Tile

This time we want to try something different with it. What about adding glass tile?  My palms start to get sweaty from excitement and strange you may think. It is the creative work and looks great. You decorating a mirror with tile are so simple you just won’t believe it. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

15 Mirror with Tile


16. Wooden Ruler Mirror

This is an ideal project for the households of both academics and architects, Home Art’s Wood Ruler Mirror is frame by recycle wooden school rulers. This mirror truly is a good design. It’s a very beautiful and wonderful looking project. Click on the below link and see pattern of this beautiful mirror.

DIY Project Details

16 Wooden Ruler Mirror


17. Angel Food Cake and Soccer

So many times need special? I always see angel food cake pans in the pots, pans and dishes section, and they are always missing their bottoms. We need amazing craft with angel food because it’s my favorite. I love the way these pans look, all gleaming silver and flute so I wondered if there is any way I could use them without the bottom.

DIY Project Details

17 Angel Food Cake and Soccer


18. Making The Color Wheel Mirror

The color wheel mirror would add some appreciate color and a teaching tool at the same time. It’s looking great.
You like many would-be artists I always have trouble remembering primary and complementary colors on the wheel. Click on the below link and see wonderful craft pattern for enhancing the beauty of home.

DIY Project Details

18 Making The Colour Wheel Mirror


19. Starburst Wreath From Paper Straws

Starbursts often come with a mirror in the center and I think they look especially good above a bed or a dresser. You can even glue a round mirror in the center of this wreath if you want. Also a paper straw comes in a million different colors and designs. So you can mix this up and create whatever look you want to match your decor.

DIY Project Details

19 Tarburst Wreath From Paper Straws


20. DIY Expanding Foam Mirror

Showing the tutorial for you and can use to create your own wall mirror big or small, the size doesn’t really matter – and don’t stop here, apply this idea to other fun decorative objects. It’s amazing so, now are you ready to create your own mirror? Let’s get start. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

20 DIY Expanding Foam Mirror


21. DIY Succulent Mirror

This is one of my favorite project and it’s so pretty. You start with two frames.  You can choose whatever sizes you like. The smaller frame I use is an 8 x 10 and the large one is a 16 x 20. You want them to basically the same size as your frames and you chose to use cedar wood for this.

DIY Project Details

21 DIY Succulent Mirror


22. Easy Tiffany Mirror DIY

This beautiful Tiffany Mirror amazing and I’m sharing today is part of the monthly at Home DIY challenge. It’s amazing. Now you transform an old light into this gorgeous mirror and absolutely looking stunning. This is one of the amazing transformations. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

22 Easy Tiffany Mirror DIY


23. AstroBrights Paper Rosette Magnetic Mirror

This is one of the beautiful mirror craft and it’s looking so much beautiful and amazing. You really try this wonderful craft and enhance the beauty of your home. It is a definitely grabs the eye and is fantastic for crafts, brochures and invites anything that you want to make stand out.

DIY Project Details

23 AstroBrights Paper Rosette Magnetic Mirror


24. DIY Tray Turned Mirror

We took on quite a few large projects in our recent living room renovation and one of my favorites end up being a last minute mirror update. It is looking for something square or round, wood finish and between 24″ and 30″ tall/wide. See great pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

24 DIY Tray Turned Mirror


25. DIY Anthropologie Mirrors

We looking to take on a new DIY!  And so it go that a couple of weeks later I found myself gathering up materials and getting down and dirty with some gold and silver foil. It is the proud owner of two DIY Anthropologie mirrors. Click on the below link and see amazing looking craft pattern.

DIY Project Details

25 DIY Anthropologie Mirrors


26. DIY Rope Mirror

You want to make your own rope mirror? I start with a goodwill mirror, because for the life of me I could not find a 12×12 mirror tile. If you can really find one, I highly suggest you use that instead. This is a surprisingly easy project. It’s a one of the wonderful project. See pattern of the DIY rope mirror in below link.

DIY Project Details

26 DIY Rope Mirror


27. Bottle Cap Collector Mirror

The bottle caps are more than just drink toppers. It’s colorful, fun and versatile, you can do so many crafty things with them. You turn a simple round mirror into a creativity-quenching wall piece for your studio or bar area with a variety of bottle caps. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

27 Bottle Cap Collector Mirror


28. DIY Triangle Mirror

This DIY triangle mirror is a project and I’ve been meaning to tackle for a long time, and my copper triangle mobile reminded me of it. I decide that triangles are definitely still cool, and this one turn out so well that I’m already thinking of more triangle projects. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

28 DIY Triangle Mirror


29. DIY Hand Mirror

This is hand mirror project and the paint is dry, it’s time to secure the mirror to the dowel rod. You determine the placement of your mirror for the slit, and then add a couple of days of super glue on both sides of the mirror. It’s a wonderful looking project. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

29 DIY Hand Mirror


30. DIY Mirror Box

This project is perfect for any occasion. This is the perfect idea, and it takes just 10 minutes to make. You need a centerpiece for your Christmas dinner. This is a quick and easy project. This mirror box is so versatile and it can be used for any holiday or season. You can add faux flowers, potpourri, ornament balls, or some succulents in mirror box.

DIY Project Details

30 DIY Mirror Box


31. DIY Design Accent Mirror

This is one of my favorite styling tricks are to decorate with mirrors. They are only stylish and also very functional, reflecting light and making every corner feel brighter and bigger. That’s probably why I have them in every room. It’s looking great. See pattern in below link and enhance beauty of your home.

DIY Project Details

31 DIY Design Accent Mirror


32. Starburst Mirror DIY

The starburst mirrors are so chic in metallic and I really love gold accents lately. I want to create something for our bedroom that replace an old art piece that is a really working and that also added more light to a dark corner in that space. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

32 Starburst Mirror DIY


33. Dresser Mirror DIY

This dresser mirror that make with items from the dollar store. The mirror is incredibly easy to make. I just put it all together with glue and Glue Original and let it cure overnight before propping it up in the stand. I originally thought I would hang it on the wall, but because of all the glass beads on it, it’s pretty heavy and it turns out that putting it in a plate stand works perfectly.

DIY Project Details

33 Dresser Mirror DIY


34. DIY Seashell Mirror

This is a beautiful project and perfect for beautiful home decoration. You follow easy step by step instructions to make your own seashell mirror saving you hundreds of dollars over retail on this simple DIY project. It’s looking wonderful. See wonderful project pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

34 DIY Seashell Mirror


35. DIY Amethyst Mirror

This is combination of the rough texture and vibrant color. I pick up a few at the rose bowl flea market last weekend that have been living on my nightstand. Today we are going to make a beautiful amethyst mirror. It’s easy to make and looking great. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

35 DIY Amethyst Mirror


36. DIY Mirror Craft

This mirror is definitely one of those household wares that we occasionally find ourselves in excess. We use it if look unique, stylish, or match our decor.  You apply this great idea on old mirrors in a way that gives you an exciting new decor piece. See decoration pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

36 DIY Mirror Craft


37. Simple Mirror with Floral Frame

Mirrors are commonly used for to make the room seem bigger and lighter as well. And here’s your chance to make your DIY mirror frame according to your choice. You can create something fabulous and have fun while doing it. Click on the below link and see fabulous detail about mirror with floral frame.

DIY Project Details

37 Simple Mirror with Floral Frame


38. DIY Sunflower Mirror

Do you see amazing mirror idea? You try to make this sunflower mirror on your own and you could always just follow this step-by-step guide. Without any matter what you do I’m sure you’ll enjoy making this gorgeous mirror. Click below link and see pattern of this sunflower mirror project.

DIY Project Details

38 DIY Sunflower Mirror


39. DIY Driftwood Mirror

This DIY driftwood mirror tutorial is one of the most popular projects. You really try this wonderful project and it is easy to make within few time. It’s a one of the wonderful craft project. This particular project used up about 150 individual driftwood pieces for making this mirror. See pattern in below link.

DIY Project Details

39 DIY Driftwood Mirror


40. Chalk Painting Tutorial

You don’t miss this fun and easy chalk paint tutorial for some great tips and tricks for getting started with chalk paint in your own home. It’s a full of fun creating project. This is easy to make with amazing looking. Click on the below link and see full pattern about chalk painting tutorial project.

DIY Project Details

40 Chalk Painting Tutorial