10 Latest Adorable DIY Costumes For Kids


Do you want to make latest adorable costumes for your kids? These costumes are so much adorable and completely latest designs. There are a different ways to dress up your family on Halloween like animals to movie characters. You save money and make your own homemade Halloween costumes for your kids. You easily make your little one favorite love the costume of princess, fairy, and flower outfit options and others. Select your costume in below link and make with the help of DIY tutorial.

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1. DIY Kids Lego Costume

The costume of Lego for Kids is so adorable and kids also really like to wear this costume. So we make different Lego costume design for my kids with the using some tools. You easily make this amazing costume for kids with the follow those instructions given tutorial and make wonderful costume in few time. See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

21. DIY Kids Lego Costume


2. DIY Felt Animal Ears

Do you like to make felt animal ears for kids?  My little one really likes for woodland animal projects and our cute DIY animal felt ears are up there with our favorites. So we will link to below and we have design these simple and beautiful head bands for making. This is perfect design to make this DIY project easy to master for even the little ones!

DIY Tutorial

22. DIY Felt Animal Ears


3. DIY Octopus Costume

This is an easy costume and I made this costume for kids. We make this costume with simple tank tops, you could also get creative and do something more fun for the top and lot of the DIY octopus costumes out there seem to have pretty shapeless legs. See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

23. DIY Octopus Costume


4. DIY Peter Pan’s Shadow Costume

You like to looking for a creative, simple, no-sew Halloween costume?  You make this easy Peter Pan’s Shadow costume in just a few minutes and it’s the perfect costume idea for any Disney or Peter Pan’s fan. Your kids also like to wear this simple and adorable costume. See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

24. DIY Peter Pan's Shadow Costume


5. DIY Kids Buzz Lightyear No Sew

Your kids like Buzz lightyear character in cartoon movie? This costume is very effective and special for your kids. So you make this costume for kids and this kids Buzz lightyear costume easy to make, no sew Halloween costume. Make great fun at home with Kids. See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

25. DIY Kids Buzz Lightyear No Sew


6. DIY Olaf Costume

This Olaf costume great for holiday fun, party planning with DIY tutorials and very easy to make in home and inexpensive family fun and important part is Kids very like to wear this costume on Halloween or them parties. This costume base is cover with a layer of batting and then a top layer fleece fabric. See complete pattern in below link tutorial.

DIY Tutorial

26DIY Olaf Costume


7. Baby Bird’s Farm and Cocina

Do you want to make some easy and adorable costume for kids and own? This is great creative idea for moms to pull together a costume to match their children’s Halloween costumes from pottery barn Kids and baby bird’s farm. You make this costume according to different choice of colors. See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

27. Baby Bird's Farm and Cocina


8. Baby Cow Costume

This latest baby cow costume is very adorable and so sweet. Your little one in this costume looks so cute and attract to everyone. Actually this costume is very easy and simple to make and inexpensive costume. Within few minutes this little cow is ready to graze in a grassy field. See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

28. Baby Cow Costume


9. DIY Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings Tutorial

This costume is like a butterfly wings and a very simple to make and make a great Halloween costume with a cute addition to dress up play and very latest design. Kids really like this costume specially girls because dream of girls is fly in the sky. It’s adorable and cute costume. See tutorial in below link.

DIY Tutorial

29. DIY Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings Tutorial


10. No Sew Baby Owl Costume

Many people like characters of Harry Potter movie, so there are lots of Harry Potter costume ideas for adults. Then we make some beautiful Harry Potter baby costume ideas. The idea of a fluffy white baby Hedwig costume consumed my thoughts and I finally sat down and came up with a plan and make this cute costume.

DIY Tutorial

30. No Sew Baby Owl Costume