32 Cute and Adorable Crochet Baby Frock Patterns


Give your little Girl an adorable and pretty look with these wonderful or fascinating crocheted frocks. These well knitted crochet frocks are so sophisticated and fluffy will definitely give you cutie pie a stylish and pretty look. These unique and colorful crochet frocks for your little girls are just the perfect piece of the crochet fashion. These variety beautiful baby crochet frocks are knitted in woolen and cotton yarns in nice double crochet pattern to give your little cute girls comfort. Full of cuteness Crocheted frocks are so decent and fashionable to keep your little girl up-to date and stylish this summer, and these crochet baby frocks will surely keep your little cutie pie cozy and warm or these all crochet frocks are fit for every occasion.


1. Yellow Spring Crochet Baby Frock Free Pattern

Now it’s time to keep your little girl stylish and fashionable with this lovely and full of cuteness yellow spring crocheted frock. This spring give your sweetie an adorable look with this well knitted soft yarn crochet yellow frock. This crochet yellow spring frock beautifully knitted in double crochet pattern and it’s nice knitted white bow on chest will definitely give your cutie pie an adorable look. Its texture is so soft and fluffy to keep your little girl comfortable and easy.

DIY Pattern

Yellow Spring Crochet Baby Frock

2. Pistachio Baby Frock Free Pattern

Give your little girl fashionable and sweet look with pistachio baby crochet frock. Your little girl will definitely look like sweet pistachio in this adorable, fascinating pistachio green color frock. This stylish baby pistachio color frock beautifully knitted in panels and each panel is wonderfully crocheted in double crochet pattern and its upper body nicely knitted in double block crochet pattern to give your cute little girl a perfect look at every occasion

DIY Pattern

Pistachio Baby Frock

3. Crochet Gingerbread Girl Frock Free Pattern

Little Girls ready now to look like Gingerbread in this summer season with lovely or spicy looking Crocheted Gingerbread Style Frock. This adorable frock is perfect for your little girl especially in Birthday party, fun party or any family get together. This amazing Gingerbread crochet frock is gorgeously knitted in double brown crochet pattern to give your girl a perfect Gingerbread look. Pair it with crochet bow pin or white pumps shoes.

DIY Pattern

Crochet Gingerbread Girl Frock

4. Baby Dress Free Crochet Pattern

Simple but astonishing yellow baby crochet frock will make your cutie pie just look like a little fairy. It is lovely cute Flare yoke will definitely give your little girls fancy and adorable look. This lovely enchanting yellow crochet baby frock is beautifully crocheted in double block crochet pattern with little white ribbon will surely enhance your girl cuteness. This summer make your little girl stylish and fashionable with this beautiful Baby crochet frock as it will keep your girl look cool and flawless.

DIY Pattern

Baby Dress Free Crochet

5. Blossom Summer Frock Free Pattern

Stylish and pretty Blossom summer crochet A -line frock is just an adorable piece of a crochet garment for your lovely one. The Blossom summer frocks are an adorable dress for toddler girls as it is a darling dress for Modern baby. This beautiful crochet baby blossom frocks would be perfect for any occasion, such as photo prop, wedding and so on. This Blossom summer crochet frock is beautifully knitted in chevron stitch to give your little girl an awesome and unique look.

DIY Pattern

Blossom Summer Frock


6. Carolina Sundress Free Pattern

This lovely adorable Carolina sundress made with some cabling to add a lovely texture to the bodice. This crochet frock is so much soft and definitely provides comfort to your little one. It is amazingly knitted in eye- catching purple and white color in floral cross crochet pattern. This frock is simple yet elegant. Pair it with white or purple leggings and pumps shoes to make your little girl more stylish.

DIY Pattern

Carolina Sundress

7. Chevron Baby Frock Free Pattern

The chevron crocheted baby frock is the pretty dress you are looking for. Any baby girl will look gorgeous and adorable in this Frock. Chevron frock is beautifully knitted in chevron crochet pattern and its nice sweet looking pink bow is also crocheted in chevron stitch to give your girl a perfect princess look. You should keep this lovely chevron crochet frock as your baby girl wardrobe essential.

DIY Pattern

Chevron Baby Frock


8. Christening Coat & Bonnet Crochet Free Pattern

Appealing and fascinating white christening Bonnet and crochet coat will definitely make your little girl look like an Angel. All babies deserve the royal treatment when it comes to special occasion and your little angel will look adorable and extremely elegant for her baby christening in this crochet pattern. This lovely crochet christening Coat is beautifully knitted in double block crochet pattern or its long length will add to your little girl beauty.

DIY Pattern

Christening Coat & Bonnet Crochet

9. Christening Gown Frock Free Pattern

Baby girl is coming home now it’s time to give your little baby girl a unique and fabulous look with christening Gown crochet frock. This christening ensemble includes a beautiful one of a kind dress, cotton slip, bonnet or headband. This would be cute for an ocean themed party decoration for a child. This christening gown is wonderfully crocheted in double crochet pattern. This Crochet gown is one of the beautiful piece of crochet fashion.

DIY Pattern

Christening Gown Frock

10. Crochet Baby Summer Frock Free Pattern

Glamour-up your little princess wardrobe with this colorful Crochet multi-color Baby frock. This is a perfect summer frock for your little girl, which is amazingly knitted in captivating colors that catches everyone attention. This Summer Frock is marvelously knitted in double crochet pattern and its beautiful lace border with Cute multi-color crochet flower headband will add to your princess appearance. It is just a prettiest and stylish Crochet frock for your little angel.

DIY Pattern

Crochet Baby Summer Frock

11. Crochet Frock for 3 Year Old Girl Free Pattern

Your Little girl will rock in this Fabulous A-line yoke style crochet frock. Your little princess will look gorgeous and stylish in this summer or play freely in this beautiful enchanting oranges color crochet frock. It will surely provide comfort to your little girl as its texture is so soft. This crochet frock beautifully knitted in floral design crochet pattern and its neck line is also nicely knitted in block crochet pattern. Pair it with matching ear tops and pump shoes will make your little girl look more adorable.

DIY Pattern

Crochet Frock for 3 Year Old Girl

12. Crochet Shell Frock Pattern

Everyone will say Wow and Aww, when they see your little princess is this charming light purple Crochet shell frock. This crochet shell frock is so gorgeous and your little girl will look like sweet purple cutie-pie in this adorable frock. This shell crochet frock is wonderfully knitted in shell style crochet double pattern and its cute little flower at bodice is so appealing and fascinating at all. Give your little princess stylish and fashionable look with this enchanting crochet shell frock.

DIY Pattern

Crochet Shell Frock

13. Crochet Sweetheart Frock Free Pattern

Pretty in pink. This crochet sweetheart frock is one of the most incredible crochet garment as it is beautifully crocheted in layered lace design in wonderful double crochet pattern, it’s a kind of lovely crochet baby frock. This sweet heart crochet frock is really full of cuteness and will definitely give your cutie-pie fabulous pink fairy look. Pair it with fancy sandals and fancy legging and it is fit for every occasion.

DIY Pattern

Crochet SweetHeart Frock

14. Crochet Toddler’s Shell Stitch Frock Free Pattern

If you are looking to cute little day dress for your little angel, then this beautiful and sophisticated crochet toddler shell frock is exactly the right one. This lacy shell crochet frock s perfect for any little toddler girls. It’s light and airy and perfect for the summer. It features in double shell stitch crochet pattern to give your little girl perfect adorable look. You should keep this crochet toddler nice grey color frock as your little angel wardrobe essential.

DIY Pattern

Crochet Toddler’s Shell Stitch Frock

15. Flower Twirl Handmade Crochet Frock Pattern

Adorable flower twirl handmade crochet frock is one of the most beautiful a- line handmade crochet piece pullover party dress, your little girl will definitely look amazing in this girly Flower twirl handmade crochet frock. It can be easy and comfortably to wear and it is beautifully knitted in orange and brown wonderful combination to give your Girl unique and fabulous look. It features in double block crochet pattern with cute Twirl at Bodice is so attractive.

DIY Pattern

Flower Twirl Handmade Crochet Frock

16. Knitted Ruffle Dress Free Pattern

You will definitely love this Crochet Ruffle Dress for your little Girls. Red and white ruffles in the skirt make a cute piece of clothing to add to your daughter’s wardrobe. Adorable well knitted Ruffle frock will surely give your little daughter cute unique look as it is beautifully knitted in double crochet pattern with fluffy ruffles in red or with combination will enhance your little girl cuteness.

DIY Pattern

Knitted Ruffle Dress

17. Multi Color Frock for Baby Free Pattern

Gorgeous Multi color Crochet Frock is very nice for your little princess. This well knitted crochet multi-color baby frock is so sophisticated and elegant as it will definitely add beauty to your daughter appearance. This little adorable flared frock beautifully knitted in double crochet pattern to give your girl perfect look for every occasion.

DIY Pattern

Multi Color Frock for Baby

18. Peach Sherbet Baby Frock Pattern

Your little girl will really look like a creamy sweet frosting pastry in this fabulous peach sherbet frock. This well knitted yoke peach sherbet frock is just an adorable crochet garment and it will definitely keep your little angel cool during summer season and its nice texture is so soft and fluffy, comfortable for your little baby girl. you must watch the free link below, DIY pattern , how to knit this cute peach sherbet baby frock at home.

DIY Pattern

Peach Sherbet Baby Frock

19. Petal Ruffle Frock Free Pattern

Another adorable little sundress is for your special little Girl. It is worked from the neck down in virtually one piece except for the edging in the accent color. This is full of cuteness decent Petal ruffle frock to keep your little girl stylish and fashionable. It is marvelously knitted in open block crochet pattern with cute frilly ruffles at bodice and border. This dress would be lovely in just one color as well. Petal ruffle frock is a perfect summer casual dress for your Girl.

DIY Pattern

Petal Ruffle Frock

20. Pink Crochet Baby Dress Free Pattern

This frock design baby girl will just snatch away your heart. It is a cute baby frock in dual colors. It is sleeveless and short. There is big cute ribbon bow attached on front. This adorable pink crocheted baby dress is beautifully knitted in soft yarn and crocheted in Double cross crochet pattern. It can be a perfect party dress for your cute sweet heart.

DIY Pattern

Pink Crochet Baby Dress

21. Pixie’s Pretty Pink Frock Free Pattern

Fabulous Pretty pink crochet frock is just like a yummy strawberry ice-cream and your little girl will look beautiful with lots of cuteness in it as it is well knitted in yoke A-line style with double crochet pattern. Its nice neck with cute lace is so charming. It will be perfect dress for your little princess first birthday. There is a cute pink crocheted flower at side front.

DIY Pattern

Pixie’s Pretty Pink Frock

22. Plum Crochet Baby Dress Free Pattern

Plum crochet Dresses are always girl’s favorite clothing item, they remind them princesses and fairies. When they wear Plum Color Dress they feel like a princess. This crochet dress made with matching bolero jacket for little princess.it is for 9-12 month old. it is a long dress. This charming plan crochet baby dress knitted in double crochet and shell stitches with pearl button and appealing crochet white flower at front.

DIY Pattern

Plum Crochet Baby Dress

23. Ruffled Baby Frock Free Pattern

Stylish and fashionable purple ruffle frock is so fascinating and beautifully knitted in flared double crochet pattern to give perfect party look to your little angel. It is easy and comfortable to wear. Its texture is so comfy and soft in which your little girl will be feel relaxed. It’s lacy border with beautiful frill of the frock will definitely make your little daughter look stylish and gorgeous

DIY Pattern

Ruffled Baby Frock

24. Seafoam Green Frock Pattern

Wonderful Sea Foam Green crochet frock is one of the most marvelous and beautiful crochet frock for little baby girls. This Sea Green crochet frock really keep your little daughter up-to date and stylish at every occasion, such as birthday party, weddings and different ceremonies. Its texture is just like sea foam which is very soft and foamy to keep your little girl safe from any rash and harmless. This lovely Sea foam green crochet frock is beautifully knitted in open block crochet pattern with nice white lace border and crocheted flowers at front.

DIY Pattern

Seafoam Green Frock

25. Striped Baby Dress Free Pattern

This is an adorable and stripes A-line stitch frock/dress. It’s made especially for the cold and chilly season. It’s very light and comfortable dress for the little girls and babies. You will really love to see this astonishing baby frocks and dresses when they wear they looks beautiful and nice. This crochet baby frock made with a sun hat/baby hat and a pair of booties to match the frock to the same pattern. You will really like and enjoy this adorable and fashionable baby set for your little baby Girl.

DIY Pattern

Striped Baby Dress

26. Sweet Sugarplum Frock Pattern

Sweet Sugar Plum crochet frock is timeless with a pinch of spice and a whole lot of sugar. Daintily flaring below the square yoke and lacy sleeves, the Frock of this little dress features pretty pineapples and a pattern of shells and cluster stitches. This Frock has the rich look of taffeta. The bodice is embellished with a bow on both the right and left shoulders. The full frock has two layers of ruffles, fully lined, and one layer has tulle to add poof to the dress.

DIY Pattern 

Sweet Sugarplum Frock

27. Tulip Chevrons Baby Frock Free Pattern

Every Lovely Baby girls are just like beautiful flower and she will surely look like Tulip Flower and adorable in this astonishing and appealing cool blue Tulip chevron crochet frock. This tulip frock is uniquely stitched in chevron crochet stitch pattern and fascinating yellow sun-flower attached at front. It’s the perfect summer dress and your baby girl will feel relaxed and comfortable as it is airy and easy to wear

DIY Pattern

Tulip Chevrons Baby Frock

28. Watermelon Dress Free Pattern

Your little one will look pretty in this cute and adorable Watermelon crochet frock. Watermelon crochet dress is the perfect summer outfit for your little girl. If you want some different and funny crochet outfit for your little girl, then this crochet frock is fit and perfect. This crochet frock knitted in double crochet pattern in watermelon look. Pair it with black gorgeous pumps shoes and with crocheted watermelon headband to give your cutie pie a unique and fabulous look.

DIY Pattern

Watermelon Dress

29. Wendy Thread Gown Free Pattern

Pretty Wendy thread Gown will give your little princess dolly fashionable look. This trendy cute Gown made with Wendy crochet thread in double crochet pattern. It’s lovely lace border with beautiful white flower will definitely enhance your precious daughter appearance. It should be keep as your sweet daughter wardrobe essential and it is so astonishing and will give your little girl modern and fabulous look.

DIY Pattern

Wendy Thread Gown

30. White and Blue Crochet Frock Free Pattern

Add more sugar and spice in your little daughter beauty with this stylish White and blue crochet frock. Your little girl will really look like Disney Cinderella in this lovely crochet frock. Its beautiful blue ruffle around neck line is just adorable. It’s a long frill flared frock in Bright white or blue colors to give your little girl a perfect fancy look in weddings and other special ceremonies. Pair it with white pumps shoes and blue lovely bow headpins.

DIY Pattern

White and Blue Crochet Frock

31. Wonder Pink Frock Free Pattern

Super elegant looking this wonder pink crochet frock is so adorable and heart touching outfit. This outstanding baby dress that little lady is bound to hold onto for life. Pink and Grey floral design are complemented with a wonderful Grey and pink flower detail to the front. It is also available with fancy adorable matching Headband and crocheted pumps shoes. It’s a perfect party and wedding cute wonder pink package for your little gorgeous girl.

DIY Pattern

Wonder Pink Frock

32. Yellow Newborn Girl Frock Pattern

Yellow Newborn crochet frock is a gorgeous dress for any occasion! The flossy frock in Lovely yellow with red combination is perfect for your little newborns first pictures. This dress is so classy. It’s so cute and would look great in this color combination. This Lacey crochet Yellow newborn frock is perfect for the summer.

DIY Pattern

Yellow Newborn Girl Frock