30 Plus Unique and Beautiful Crochet Dress Patterns For Ladies


Crochet dresses are very modish swank and latest available in all shades or colors or designs of crochet stuff. Both spring and winter seasons are heaving the new and ultra-modern look. These are very smooth, cozy and comfortable and are very charming and fascinating. Both for women and young girls, mostly wear on shorts but also look beautiful on jeans and crochet dresses are short and long tail like. Crochet dresses makes the winter special through their appealing, spending and superb designs. Camisole may or may not be wear under these sublime and beautiful and Crochet dresses.



1. Crochet Nizza Tunic Dresses

Crochet Nizza Tunic Dresses are very fashionable, flamboyance and brand new available in all shades or color and of Crochet stuff. Crochet dresses  are very smooth, cozy and comfortable and very charming and engrossing. Girls are wearing short shirt like Crochet dresses to look like smart and cuteness.

DIY Pattern

Crochet Nizza Tunic Dresses



2. Athena Tabard Tunic Dress

Elegant or gorgeous looking crocheted Athena Tabard Tunic dress will definitely enhance your personality as it is beautifully knitted in double whole crochet pattern .Athena Tabard tunic dress is very easy or comfortable to wear, it’s nice eye- catching skin color crochet front designs is perfect for every age women or also fit for young girl .You can wear Athena Tabard tunic Crochet dress in any family party or friends get-together.

DIY Pattern

Athena Tabard Tunic Dress



3. Avalon Top Technique

Now girl’s glamour up your wardrobe with this stylish or fabulous crochet Avalon Top dress. The delicate Crocheted Avalon top is great to throw on a trip to the beach or it will be great with any dress or pants. Crochet Avalon top is beautifully knitted in unique intricate texture crochet pattern or its upper floral design crochet pattern will definitely give you stunning or gorgeous look. It’s a beautiful garment, particularly given its long sleeves and tall height.

DIY Pattern

Avalon Top Technique




4. Artemis Crochet Dress

Carry a stunning or sexy look with this alluring or fascinating Crocheted Artemis stylish dress, It is beautifully knitted in lovely white double crochet pattern with gorgeous lace to brighten up your days .This Arthemis crochet dress is comfortable, smooth or charming .you can easily keep it as your wardrobe essential and dress up fashionably these Artemis crochet dresses will bring out the style dive of your this summer.

DIY Pattern

Artemis Crochet Dress



5. Blue Nightfall Crochet Dress

Look super classy and elegant while wearing a crochet elegant blue Nightfall dress. Whoever said crochet dresses are plain and boring is definitely wrong and this alluring crochet dress proves that. Nightfall crochet dress is perfect for a party or a date with special someone. This amazingly knitted crochet Nightfall dress will definitely add to your beauty or personality so lovely ladies or girls gear up as it’s the right time for you to keep this stunning looking crochet dress as your wardrobe essential.

DIY Pattern

Blue Nightfall Crochet Dress



6. Breath of Summer

Stylish or fabulous looking summer crochet dress is frankly flirtatious club-chic dress to show off your glamorous style and feminine curves. It’s perfect for any summer soiree. This gorgeous white crochet skirts are lightweight, airy and immensely fabulous. Enjoy this summer with this Lacy Summertime Tunic. It’s the perfect thing to throw on before hitting the beach or grabbing a quick bite to eat.


DIY Pattern

Breath of Summer



7. Crochet Bargain Beauty

Lovely girls or ladies just look attractive or fabulous this summer with this enchanting or immensely beautiful white knitted crochet Bargains beauty dress .This white beauty Crochet Bargains dress is lovely knitted in net look crochet floral pattern and its V-neck line will give you glamorous look. This crochet dress is the perfect choice for just about any occasion, specially wedding parties and its style is almost timeless.

DIY Pattern

Crochet Bargain Beauty



8. Crochet Beach Gown Dress

Crocheted Beach Gown stylish dress is like a Elegant purple beauty that never fades. This Crochet beach gown dress is gorgeously knitted in Lovely purple color floral crochet pattern, as it will give you fascinating or fabulous look .This crochet dress is definitely perfect for a fun parties and a visit to beach no matter what is the occasion and time this crochet beach gown dress are just perfect pick from wardrobe.

DIY Pattern

Crochet Beach Gown Dress



9. Crochet Bodycon Dress

Elegant or marvelously knitted crochet bodycon dress is full of glamour to give to perfect decent stylish look at every occasion. This crochet bodycon dress is nicely knitted in gorgeous  grey color in double Block crochet pattern. You can easily or comfortably wear this full of cuteness or Elegance dress as you can pair it with your favorite jewelry or long boots. So lovely ladies or girls gear up as it is the right time for you to keep this stunning looking crochet bodycon style dress as your wardrobe are essential.



Crochet Bodycon Dress



10. Crochet Lacy Love Dress

Get styled with this astonishing crochet lacy love dress, Lacy love crochet dress is a good choice for ladies all around. This crochet dress pattern developed from lacy love poncho. This dress is beautifully knitted in pineapple stitches and the body lace is made by chains and shell crochet stitches. Graceful Lacy Love crochet dress will make your appearance inspiring or this decent skin brown color crochet dress is just a glory. You can pair it with Jeans or leggings for a fun relaxed look.

DIY Pattern

Crochet Lacy Love Dress




11. Crochet Little Black Dress

Eye-catching and adorable crochet Black dress is definitely for those ladies who want to look stunning or fabulous and attractive .Little black dresses are loved by a lots of women and are  perfect for just about any occasion, especially for formal ones. This pretty crochet Black dress is stylish and fit for all teen girls, Its Deep neck line enhance its appearance but also enhance the personality who wear it .This little black dress created with simple block crochet stitches in pretty flare look, it’s knitting is very well so you can pair it with jeans, leggings and with long boots. Too fancy just nice enough to dress up.

DIY Patterrn

Crochet Little Black Dress



12. Crochet Purple Dress Free Pattern

This summer don’t miss to wear this gorgeous looking crocheted purple cool dress that will definitely give you an fabulous look at every occasion. This fascinating purple color crochet dress is beautifully knitted in double crochet pattern to give to unique look. You must watch the free link DIY pattern below to get details about this beautiful crochet purple dress.

DIY Pattern

ochet Purple Dress Free Pattern



13. Crochet Red Cotton Dress

Snuggle up instead in this soft and comfortable red crochet dress in a cotton blended yarn. Take a shortcut to flawlessly feminine summer style in this darling red dress, crocheted in a lacy floral pattern with a pastel white lining for a bright finish. It is crafted from pure cotton. The lovely mummies, girls all can look graceful and stylish this summer wearing this amazing crochet Red cotton dress .For a family dinner gathering or for other parties this beautiful crocheted red cotton dress will surely give you gorgeous and perfect look.

DIY Pattern

Crochet Red Cotton Dress



14. Edgewater Dress Tunic

Girls now make your occasions memorable with this stylish and well knitted Edgewater crocheted dress. The crochet Edgewater dress is so cute and trendy you can easily wear it as casual or party dress. Make it longer and wear it as tunic with leggings. This dress knit in gorgeous water blue floral crochet pattern. If you want to look great then this nice water blue crochet Dress is fit for you.

DIY Pattern

Edgewater Dress Tunic.



15. Fleur Granny Square Dress

Look Graceful and pretty this summer with marvelous Fleur granny square style crochet dress. This beautiful crocheted flare Granny square dress will surely give you gorgeous or perfect look and are fit for all kinds of occasions or it is amazingly knitted in net style floral crochet pattern. This crochet dress will definitely add to your beauty or personality. It’s soft and cozy texture will keep you relaxed and comfortable and this fabulous Fleur dress comprised of join-as-you-go granny squares which are designed by the lovely Lily at Mango tree craft.

DIY Pattern

Fleur Granny Square Dress



16. Granny Squares Crochet Dress

Ladies get ready to wear this summer Eye-catching three shaded Granny square crochet dress is so inspiring and this will definitely give you classy or fabulous look. There are three key Granny squares that make this dress a piece of crochet fashion. Second is the really unique straps that have a fabulous color work design. As you can see from the photo, a little bit of styling really takes this one a long way. It is a really original piece of crochet fashion that you can be proud to wear anywhere.

DIY Pattern

Granny Squares Crochet Dress



17. Hollywood Halter Dress

Hollywood Halter crochet dress is Elegant and luxurious piece of crochet fashion .This Crocheted Hollywood Halter fashion takes things to the next level. It celebrates color, texture, stitches, and creative design. Hollywood Halter crochet dress is ideal for summer. It’s featuring a strapless or sleeveless upper half, with a tie around the neck. This beautifully crocheted dress knitted in Zigzag design to give you Bold or stunning look.

DIY Pattern

Hollywood Halter Dress



18. Lace Summer Dress

If you want to wear something that is too open and too revealing for summer then this dress is the right one for you and if you want to go beach and show of your body, this dress is intended for sexy nights out was made for you. It has been designed to look frankly and flirtatious while showing off your glamour and your feminine curves. This white nicely crocheted open knit dress is too cool because it allows air to flow smoothly.

DIY Pattern

Lace Summer Dress



19. Lapa Dress Pattern

Captivating Lapa crochet dress is a perfect crocheted casual or party wear.  You could go daring and just wear this gorgeous dress on you or you could  go with the sophisticated look and wear a shirt underneath it and  it will be something that will surely fit to your taste and you size. This wonderful Lapa dress crocheted in open net with nice lace border to give to perfect fabulous look, so in this summer keep this stunning nice green Lapa crochet dress as your wardrobe essential.

DIY Pattern

Lapa Dress Pattern



20. Miraval Tunic Dress

Trendy and fashionable Miraval crocheted tunic dress is perfect for those ladies who want to look attractive or stylish at every occasion. When you wear this captivating Miraval tunic with white shirt or lining underneath then you will look glamorous .This fabulously knitted beige skin color crochet dress in open thin crochet pattern is just a great gift for women of all ages. It has flirty, feminine, nostalgic feeling when it walks into your room.

DIY Pattern

Miraval Tunic Dress



21. Open White Dress

lovely girls and ladies if you want to just step into something different, simple cute and stylish then you should definitely go for this beautiful white open crochet dress ,which is marvelously knitted in open white thin crochet pattern to give you complete summer look. You will surely love this open white crochet dress when you wear it with your favorite earrings or strap heels for a feminine look that ready to impress.

DIY Pattern

Open White Dress



22. Openwork Crochet Dress Pattern

Here is another beautiful inspiring crochet dress that uses some unique techniques. It incorporates double crochet border lace with open block patterns, which is such a stunning openwork technique. Little details that well executed are a hallmark of strong fashion. This crochet dress is best example of that .The stitches are simple double crochet but the spacing that create subtle diamonds elevates the design.

DIY Pattern

Openwork Crochet Dress Pattern



23. Party Harder Dress

Sexy and daring. A dress is worthy of a memorable nights-out with any fashion. The thread lace overlay makes this crochet dress tub dress a hit. Charming Party Harder crochet dress is designed as a party’s cover-up. However, it’s such a unique and beautiful design that would make you look perfect and pretty at all Fun and friends or family parties. You can easily dress it up to create a high-fashion dress. It should be keep it as your wardrobe essential if you want to look pretty or gorgeous in parties.

DIY Pattern

Party Harder Dress


24. Poncho Crochet Dress

Poncho crochet dress is another stylish and luxurious piece of a crochet fashion. This nicely knitted Poncho dress will definitely give you fashionable and gorgeous look for every occasion. This Eye-catching Crocheted poncho stitches as a perfect gift poncho. Its work top-down and start with a closed stitch to keep your neck and shoulder warm and cozy. Crochet poncho dress is perfectly designed in a wider shape with great drape effect. This beautiful crocheted poncho dress is available in two fascinating colors Green and dark Pink with center black shaded.

DIY Pattern

Poncho Crochet Dress




25. Silvermine Dress

Glamorous Silvermine crocheted dress is designed for the summer bribe who is planning a wonderful wedding .It’s perfect wedding dress. You could easily wear it to a wide range of events. Beautiful crocheted silvermine dress patterned by Stephanie Klose.  Silvermine crochet dress named for our wedding venue, the Silvermine Tavern in Nor-walk, CT, this dress has a modernized Gibson Girl silhouette, with the straight front skirt panel and fullness around the sides and back and a fitted bodice. While it make a spectacular wedding dress.

DIY Pattern

Silvermine Dress



26. Simple Collar Dress

Adorable and full of cuteness crocheted simple collar dress will definitely add to your beauty and you will look so humble and gentle by wearing this simple Collar crocheted dress. This dress is great for old age women who want to look stunning in simple way. Such a nicely knitted collar dress in bright and fascinating colors with beautiful shaded look dark sea blue ,Grey and black is fit for every occasion. Old ladies should keep it as their wardrobe essential.

DIY Pattern

Simple Collar Dress



27. Simple Dress to Impress

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance and this trendy and simple Crocheted dress to impress in fascinated black and blue shaded color is perfect for all young ladies or girls. It’s a simple stitched and perfect for those who want to give their first choice a try. The dress is made with half double crochet pattern and it is nicely stitched in a ribbed effect.

DIY Pattern

Simple Dress To Impress



28. Spring Crochet Dress

Now it’s time to dress-up fashionably in this spring with classy style, beautiful textured Crochet spring dress. This pretty organist color spring crochet dress is stylish and fit for all teen girls, Its Floral designed chest and neck enhance its appearance but also enhance the personality who wear it. This dress is tighter and beautifully adjusted above the waistline to give you smart and fabulous look. It is more refined and flattering.

DIY Pattern

Spring Crochet Dress



29. Squares Crochet Dress

Really gorgeous and attractive White Square dress beautifully and amazingly crocheted in lace design and square floral crochet pattern with off-white patches and cute lace border, which are quite captivating. This square crochet dress is a perfect summer dress for young or quite middle-age women. You can easily wear this wonderful crochet dress at any family gatherings or especially at your marriage anniversary to look attractive. Pair it with your favorite jewelry and with straps heels for more stunning look. This Square delicate crochet dress is a unique or fabulous crochet garment.

DIY Pattern

Squares Crochet Dress



30. Textured Crochet Dress

Fabulous Textured Crochet dress is Tweed-off shoulder dress. It’s tweed neck will somehow magically suits almost anyone. This dress knitted or patterned by Treva F .McCain. When you wear this textured tweed off- shoulder crochet dress then you will feel that this texture is something that is so wonderful that you will regret ever thinking that it’s going to be tough wearing it.

DIY Pattern

Textured Crochet Dress



31. The Rowan Sweater Dress

Gorgeous Rowan crochet sweater dress is completely seamless and adjustable, as you can easily make your own oversize sweater, cropped, hip-length and dress also. Pair it with leggings and boots or wedges anything. Rowan crochet sweater and dress is beautifully knitted in double crochet pattern in bright green color with little black lace at neckline and border is so fascinating. Rowan crochet sweater is a elegant or beautiful piece of a crochet fashion.

DIY Pattern

The Rowan Sweater Dress



32. Vivo Dress Pattern

Look beautiful and elegant with lovely Vivo crocheted dress. Now ladies and girls it’s time to glamour up your wardrobe with this astonishing and attractive looking vivo Crochet dress. If you are looking to wear something special and unique then this lovely vivo crochet dress is definitely for you. This dress fabulously knitted in double crochet pattern and its nice or cool green color is so appealing and will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Vivo crochet dress is a fashionable flared dress perfect for the spring and summer. It is frilly and fluffy.

DIY Pattern

Vivo Dress Pattern



33. Winter Crochet Dress

Super gorgeous winter crochet dress is so cozy and warm its long sleeves and cozy look make this crochet dress a great option for fall and winter. This lovely brown winter dress is crocheted in nice double block crochet design, and it’s beautiful open block crochet border will surely enhance your appearance .You can easily wear it with your favorite jeans ,leggings and boots. Its appealing brown color and soft texture is fit for all body types.

DIY Pattern

Winter Crochet Dress



34. Granny Square Motif Dress

Granny square motifs designs are one of the most beautiful and elegant crochet designs ever. This super cool and fabulous Granny square crochet dress is just a adorable piece of crochet fashion as it is marvelously knitted in Granny square motifs to give you elegant and fabulous look and each Granny square is stitched with  floral crochet pattern. This crochet dress is quite lightweight and easy to wear; it’s the perfect summer outfit for all occasion.

DIY Pattern

Granny Square Motif Dress



35. Red Sexy Bodycon Dress

You will absolutely mesmerized with the captivating knitting of the Red Sexy bodycon crochet dress ,which is stitched in a highly beautiful Red floral crochet pattern  to give you hot look or romantic feeling. It’s perfect for a party or a date with someone .It is specially designed to look flirtatious or hot while showing off your glamour and your feminine curves. This crochet Red sexy bodycon dress proves that crochet dresses are not for demure and conservative people.

DIY Pattern

Red Sexy Bodycon Dress