20 Cozy and Mindblowing Balcony Decorating Ideas


Balconies are wonderful and amazing peaceful places in our sweets houses.  It is private outdoor space in our houses and a dream of most people living in city area.  People loves balconies because it’s very peaceful place and spend some quality time and take relax.  Here they enjoy the  fresh air  and the freshness made you want to keep deep breath and get mind relaxation.  Now it’s time to decorate your Balconies, you can decorate your balcony according to your choice and enhance peace enjoyment and take fun with relaxation of mind.  You set so many styles of furniture in your balconies according to size and choice. Sit in your balcony and enjoy beautiful weathers and spent free time in balcony with your partner, reading your favorite author book and a cup of hot tea or coffee. Select mind-blowing balcony decorating ideas in below list and decorate your home balcony according to your choice and size of balcony.



1. A Spot to Recline

You can see in blow picture the size of balcony is small but looking so beautiful. In this balcony set two sofa’s chair with small and unique wood table. On the table lodges two simple beautiful candle frames. Look’s incredible. Put some long green plants behind the sofa chairs and automatically enhances the beauty of balcony and look so peaceful.


A Spot To Recline


2. Add Pattern with a Gorgeous Carpet

In this balcony set long wooden bench and lodges cushions on it. Put Small frame of green leaves on side wall of balcony for enhance the beauty of balcony. In middle stand the small and beautiful plastic table and perfect for this size of balconies. Set gorgeous carpet according of the balcony and looks peaceful clean place. You spend free time in balcony with a cup of tea.


Add Pattern with a Gorgeous Carpet


3. Add Spice to Your Balcony with Cool Table

This balcony looks so beautiful and unique. In balcony decoration add spice with small plant port and candles. Set small size table beside the wooden bench and put some colorful stones with vase on the table. Look’s great and unique. Spend some quality time in balcony and take relaxation of mind with your favorite book.


Add Spice To Your Balcony With Cool Table


4. Apartment Balcony Beautiful Decor Idea

You live in apartment? You definitely decorate your apartment balcony according to choice. In below picture you look beautiful white coach sofa with white and brown cushions. Beside coach set glass table and put glass vase with beautiful look simple but decent. On coach sofa lodges try of candles. This beautiful decor idea is perfect for Apartments balconies. Spend time in balcony with family and take fun.


Apartment Balcony Beautiful Decor Idea


5. Awesome Balcony with Beautiful Garden

Some people like garden and greenery but shortage of place is the main issue. But don’t worry, you can decorate your house balcony with plants and it will enhance the beauty of balcony. Put some plants with different styles and sizes and enjoy beautiful greenery look. Set your chair in between the plants and enjoy weather with cup of hot tea.


Awesom Balcony with Beautiful Garden


6. Balcony In-front of Room Idea

Your balcony size is wide and large you decorate this balcony just like your drawing-room. Set beautiful wooden frame sofa and comfortable cushions. Beside sofa’s set beautiful and unique tables and plants port with white color and white flavors. Spend quality time in this place with family and friends and take fun of enjoyment.


Balcony Infront of Room Idea


7. Balcony with Small Sitting

In below picture you look some furniture place. Some people like small sittings in balconies. This idea is perfect for those people.  You can see furniture place only one corner of balcony with two wooden chairs and wooden table in between chairs. Add some flowers plants in balcony for enhancing the beauty of this place.


Balcony with Small Sittiing


8. Awesome Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas

This idea of apartment balcony decoration is so much amazing and full of fun. You took place soft mattress in balcony and big cushions on mattress and take rest. Enhance decoration of balcony with candles and lights. Add small wooden table for placing water or other things.  It is the different idea for apartment balcony decoration.


Awesome Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas


9. Beautiful Hanging Chair and Bench Idea

This idea is so unique with only two things the one is hanging chair and the second one is bench. Look’s amazing and perfect idea for balcony decoration with only 2 to 3 things of furniture. It Looks so beautiful in balcony. Sit in this place and enjoy amazing weather with friends and your family and spend time.


Beautiful Hanging Chair and Banch Idea


10. Build a Pallet Coffee Table

Decorate your home balcony with colorful furniture and enhance the beauty of balcony. Place small bench and chairs according the size of balcony. Beside chairs and bench set tables with flowers port, grocery, and more things. Set lodges wooden frame with baskets of flowers plants for use enhancing the beauty of balcony.


Build a Pallet Coffee Table


11. Awesome Balcony with Cozy Sofa

This idea of balcony is so beautiful. Its style of decoration looks like a drawing-room. This style of balcony decoration is perfect for winter. You can spend some time with family and friends in this place with gossips and dry fruits. Set wooden table in-front of sofa or put long and circle shape heater in-front of wooden for balance the cold weather.


Awesom Balcony with Cozy Sofa


12. Couch and Carpet Perfect Match

In this balcony use coach and carper are for decoration. Set circle glass table between plastic sofa chairs. Place flower port on table for freshness looking. On couch set soft and beautiful cushions with colorful covers. Spent free time in balcony and take some relaxations of mind. Balcony is one of the best places for future planning.


Couch and Carpet Perfect Match


13. Sweet Looking With Small Stand

Set the table in small balcony. This idea of decorate balcony with table is perfect. Set the table with grill stand of balcony and put on grocery and enjoy weather with your partner.   You can enjoy with a cup of hot tea by looking greenery beside your balcony and breathe in fresh air. You lodge chair in-front of table for sitting and spend long time in balcony.


Sweet Looking With Small Stand


14. Cozy Balcony Decorating Idea

Decorate the balcony of this idea looks beautiful and private. Use amazing and lite furniture of the decoration and enhance the beauty of balcony. Set wooden walls beside balcony and give look like a room. You spend whole day in this type of balcony and take fun with peaceful mind.


Cozy Balcony Decorating Idea


15. Fantastic Frank Idea

In below picture present few decorate area of balcony. Put so much greenery in balcony. In this idea of balcony greenery is so important and enhances the beauty of the balcony. Place long sofa in balcony and beside sofa’s set plants with full of greenery for perfect presentation of fantastic frank balcony with fresh healthy air.


Fantastic Frank


16. Mini Bar on Balcony Design Ideas

If your apartment is small, so you need not worry, now so you can decorate your balcony like the bar and can enjoy with friends in special occasions. You can set long stools in balcony for setting and spend time.  Add for decoration put some green plants for enhancing the beauty of balcony and help them for clean the air.


Mini Bar On Balcony Design Ideas


17. Nice Furnish Little Balcony

If your balcony size is too small, so don’t be upset, now select and see this balcony decoration idea and decorate your balcony for beautiful looking. Place wooden pieces for set the cushions for sitting and present like a sofa. Decorate full balcony with green plants and beautiful flowers. Set small and simple port beside and front of the cushions sofa are adding the beauty of balcony.


Nice Furnish Lillte Balcony

18. Small Balcony Decor Ideas


Small Balcony Decor Ideas


19. Very Charming Swedish Apartment Interiors


Very Charming Swedish Apartment Interiors


20. Small Balcony with Gorgeous Decor


Small Balcony with Gorgeous Decor